A few months ago I decided I wanted to make my baby girl an item of clothing other than the usual hats, mittens and booties. I looked through hundreds of patterns and came across a gorgeous short sleeved dress.

Don’t ask why, but I ended up going to my local yarn supplier and ended up buying cream wool! My thinking being ‘this will go with lots of different colours’ rather than ‘this is going to be a nightmare for a 8 month old’.

Armed with my 4 ply wool and 3.5mm hook I started.

At first I enjoyed making this piece especially when I started seeing the shape take place, the little neckline and tiny little sleeves but to be honest once I got down to the skirt it started to become tedious. It felt like I was getting my tape measure out after each round to see whether I had hit the 11″ mark but no joy. This is the reason why it has taken me nearly two months to make this adorable little dress.

I eventually got there though and I am really pleased with the finished piece. I did buy some very sweet little cream flower buttons for the back fastening but unfortunately, as they were bought several weeks, ago they seem to have been ‘misplaced’ but I think the wooden buttons go quite well and they can always be swapped over when I eventually find them.

So here is the end result.



The little purple flowers were a personal touch. The original pattern had two heart pockets to the front of the dress but what use does an 8 month old have for pockets? To be honest I really needed my little girl to get in this dress before she was too big for it and the pockets would just delay this progress!