I find granny squares the most easiest and productive way of crocheting. I love the fact you can watch tv or even get interrupted (which is quite often at the moment with an 8 month old baby) and it’s so easy to pick up where you left off.

I started making granny squares when I found out I was pregnant and wanted to make a blanket/afghan for my baby. I knew the sex of my baby, a girl, but didn’t want it too ‘pink’ so chose a bright blue, coral pink and pistachio green wool mix.

I used a 5mm hook on this blanket but I am currently making a chunky blanket using a 7mm hook.

I set off on my mission using a basic granny square pattern (see below). It was summer 2012 and I loved sitting in the sun crocheting my little blanket.

I decided to have different types of squares rather than just plain block colours, using a mix thin stripes, thick stripes and block coloured squares.

My blanket is made up of 12 x 8″ squares and I used an off white wool mix yarn as the connecting colour. I find that it brought the bright colours out and made more of a statement.

I adore the following picture, it made me feel like a very proud mummy.

My little one still uses her blanket every day and I feel for cost of 4 skeins of yarn, a granny square blanket is a great investment. Plus you can always add to it as your little one grows!

Great granny square tutorial