I have neglected my little blog lately but hopefully I can start juggling being a parent, my job, crocheting and blogging!

Last week I took some unwanted items to my local charity shop and whilst I was there I spotted a big basket full of yarn! There was so much variety but I only had a little change on me so decided to choose carefully. I ended up with two Sunseeker Cotton Fantasie 50g balls for only £1.00 each, bargain!


Now all I needed to decide was what to make? My first idea was some mittens for my little girl but it’s nearly summer and they are a little bit boring. Hmm, what to make? Then I had an idea, my little one loves bunnies at the moment and since I haven’t yet made her a toy and she is 9 months old this was my final decision.

I found a lovely simple pattern (I tend to start a lot of projects and get bored half way through) and started my little mission.

Here are the end results.

Side view:

Rear view:

I think he is very cute and my little girl is very fond of little Flopsy.