Lately I have been thinking my little girl’s bedroom window has been looking a little bare. It’s a rather large window, decorated with curtains and ‘bits & bobs’ on the windowsill but still bare during the day, I needed something hanging from the top rather than cluttering the windowsill.

Whilst walking my dog I noticed lots of people had ‘hangings’ in their windows, mostly wicker or wooden hearts, bunting or glass baubles. All very pretty but not very exciting for a baby, so I set to work on creating/crocheting a window hanging.

I needed something fun and bright and as it would be ‘floating’ I decided on a red balloon, all kids love balloons!

The balloon seemed a little bit boring all by itself so now I needed a little companion for him. My little girl loves bunnies at the moment so that was an easy option and as I tend to start a lot of projects and never finish them, a mini bunny was the quickest and easiest option. Here he is.

Now just put the two together and we have a very cute window hanging, I am sure my little one will love it (if not at least I do)!

So what do you think?