I love christenings and my little girl is finally having her special day in July! The only thing is I didn’t realise how expensive it can be!

I have quite a large family so a few sandwiches at home after the christening was out of the question. I needed a venue, the first quote I got was for nearly £1000 for 40 people!!! I thought are these people for real this is a christening we are talking about not a wedding. I did however find a lovely venue in the town nearby for a lot less.

I still needed invitations for all my guests but these were proving to be quite expensive too. I wanted something unique and browsed Etsy and Folksy but nothing really caught my eye and each invitation was working out at least £1.00 per invitation. I needed to cut costs so decided to make my own.

I visited my local Hobbycraft store and picked up 30 6×6 blank cards, 4.5 metres of ribbon and 48 wooden butterflies for just over £16, bargain! I set to work.

Firstly the cards needed printing, my handwriting is ok but I knewI would get bored after the first 10 invites. It took a little while to get the print exactly where we wanted it but eventually got it right and they looked great.

Next I needed my trusty mini glue gun (this has to be one of my favourite purchases) so quick and easy to use. Armed with my glue gun I set to work. One band of ribbon down the left hand side of the card and two pretty butterflies under the title ‘Christening’. To decorate 30 cards it took me approximately 30 minutes.

Here is the finished result.

I would recommend everyone has a go at this, with the simplest of materials and a bit of Internet browsing for ideas, they can be very effective and exactly to your taste. Oh and of course cheap which was the initial plan.