Well summer is nearly upon us and hopefully it is going to be far too warm for woolly hats and mittens! My new idea is for hair accessories.

I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter who has had from birth a full head of hair. Though at 10 months old it’s a little unruly, too short to tie back and too long to leave it down. I have bought her umpteen amounts of hair grips and slides but they are constantly being ‘misplaced’ which is costing me a small fortune.

I decided to make my own embellishments to decorate some cheap hair grips. As it is spring the lovely cabbage white butterflies have given me the inspiration. Everyone loves butterflies, don’t they?

I set to work with my 2.5mm hook, baby yarn and a small amount of embroidery thread and they turned out lovely.

Each butterfly measures approximately 1″ x 1″ a perfect size for a hair slide.

Here is my little one modelling her hair slide, I apologise for the slightly blurry photograph but getting her to sit still for more then 3 seconds is impossible!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and any comments would be much appreciated.

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