One of my friend’s daughter posted me on Facebook a picture of a crochet hat of a little yellow man with goggles on asking ‘can you make me one of these please?’.

I had no idea who this little fella was (my daughter is only 1 and not yet in to films) but soon found out through Google that it was a very cute minion from the film Despicable Me 2.

I set to work with my yellow, blue and black Aran yarn and scraps of white and brown DK yarn.

I made the hat using my basic hat with eat flaps pattern, changing the colour a third of the way down from yellow to black for the goggles strap. I used a basic circle pattern for the eyes starting with black, then dark brown, then white and finishing with grey with a front loop only single crochet in the last round creating a 3D effect of the goggles.

These little minions tend to wear blue dungarees but as I was only making the head I finished it off by single crocheting a blue edging and blue ear flap ties.

The finishing touches were a black mouth sewn on using black Aran yarn and his little tufts of hair using the same yarn and simply knotting on top of his head.

Here is the result.


I think he is very cute, might have to make one for my little one, gives me an excuse to watch the film with her 😉

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