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So it has been months since I have wrote anything but I am back and the absence has been for a good reason, business is good.

Since getting my hands in to craft fairs I seem to have orders coming from here, there, well everywhere. I have been updating my Etsy and Folksy shop and have 101 new crochet ideas going through my head more or less 24/7 but I am keeping on top of it together with my 14 month old daughter and part time job, boy life is busy at the moment!

Anyway enough rambling I just thought I would post a few pics of my new items, see what you think. I am attending a Christmas Fair this coming Sunday so any feedback on my items would be much appreciated (need to decide what to take with me).






I have also made lots of Christmas items but have yet to take photos but will keep you updated and won’t leave it as long next time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂


Hi all, and a big welcome to all my new followers.

So my first craft fair was just over a week ago now, it was very quiet but I managed to meet some lovely people and sell a few items. I have got a few more booked in October and December so I will tell you how it goes.

Now back to Rosa.

It was my little girl’s first birthday this weekend gone and I wanted to buy/make her something special that she could keep. We had already bought her a lovely wooden pink pram for her teddies (she loves teddies) so I decided to make her a little rag doll.

I remember my little sister had an adorable rag doll when she was younger, she was called Stripey (she had stripey tights) and she was knitted. My sister used to have this little limp rag doll hanging from her hand for most of the day, very sweet.

So I set to work, I had less than five days to do prepare a first birthday party, make a cake, make a rag doll and cram all my every day tasks in, pushing it but I managed.

I think the most consuming part of making the rag doll was the hair although to be honest it is well worth the effort. I am also not a the best seamstress but I managed to knock up both the doll and dress using Annaboo’s House fabulous blog!

Here is the end result.



So what do you think? I think she is adorable, my little girl on the other hand is not quite in to dolls, she loves her teddies too much, so Rosa came out of the pram and teddy went in. Hopefully she will grow in to dolls!


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂

Yesterday I thought I would put down my hook for a sewing needle instead. I had thought of a really cute idea a while ago when someone mentioned the hassle of trying to be a tooth fairy and sneak under their little one’s pillow whilst they were sleeping.

This is what I came up with.


Granted I am not the most skilful or prepared seamstress, hence the brown cotton but I think it gives it authenticity, do you think?

I think this little pillow will make the tooth fairy’s job so much easier with a small back pocket for the tooth/money exchange.

Now I just have to wait approximately 5 years for my little girl’s first tooth to fall out, he he!