Earlier this week it was Remembrance Day here in the UK and I thought I would contribute by crocheting little poppy pins.

I have wanted to make items for charity for a long time but could only think of baby blankets or hats which I have never got round to doing. This year I saw how many different types of poppy pins people were wearing and thought these would be a quick and easy way to raise some money.

So here is my contribution…



Over £50.00 was raised for The Royal British Legion and I only started making them the week before Remembrance Sunday. I think next year I will start a little earlier and see if we can hit the £100.00 mark (or more). I didn’t realise how popular they would be and it feels so nice that people are wearing them with pride.

I am adding a bit to this blog as I noticed someone has reblogged it with their version of the pattern so here is the pattern if you crochet:

Ch 3
11 dc
2ch, 2tr into first dc then 2tr in each of next 3 dc. On the last one add 2ch and ss to the same stitch.
Ss to the next stitch and repeat above twice.
Fasten off

Sew a black button to the middle and add a pin. Ta da!!!

Thank you for reading this blog and a big thanks to everyone who purchased a poppy.