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This Bank Holiday I had a lovely little break with my family to The Lake District. We stayed in an adorable cottage in Embleton near Cockermouth and Keswick it was just a shame the weather was a little wet!

On Monday, the weather decided to play nice and we had a lovely boat trip and walk around Keswick Lake. We then popped into Keswick town for a wander and a bit of retail therapy.

Whilst window shopping amongst the majority of antique, traditional toys and out door wear shops I came across my idea of shopping, Temporary Measure.

This little quirky shop/tearoom was just adorable. They stocked an umpteen amount of Debbie Bliss yarn and knitting kits. They also sold finished products including bunnies, teddies and baby hats, booties and mittens.


I was in my element, as were the shop workers who were sat quite comfortably knitting away with a cuppa. I wish I could have stayed and joined them but with an inquisitive 21 month old with very sticky fingers I made an exit!

Next time I visit the lakes I will definitely be ordering a babysitter for a few hours (or a day) to revisit this lovely shop.



As promised here’s my ‘Peas in a Pod’. Keeping on the theme of play food these little guys were next on my ‘to do’ list.

My little one will eat peas until the cows come home so I thought these would be ideal for her but to be honest I can’t see any child refusing to play with them, they are just too cute!

What do you think?

Using just the simplest stitch of single crochet, these peas are very easy to make, the pod proved a little bit harder but I got there in they end and all three peas fit in there lovely and snug. With little hand embroided faces they are irresistible.

20140512-071713.jpg<br /

I have left the little peas loose so they can be easily removed and played with or used as a great counting aid.

They also make a lovely unique gift for new families who are like “Three Peas in a Pod”

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I have been thinking of new items to make focusing mostly on babies and children.

My 21 month old little girl has a little kitchen and loves making cups of tea and serving guests plastic cake, so play food was my next mission starting with jammy biscuits.

These adorable little Jammy Dodger inspired biscuits are good enough to eat, great play food and great for adults too if you are trying to watch the calories 😉

Mmmm yummy! Next time I will introduce you to my ‘Peas in a Pod’ 🙂

Don’t forget you can purchase these little treats via Etsy or Folksy

Happy New Year!

A new year and lots of new ideas. Christmas is over and although it is still winter I think most people now have a large stock of hats, scarves and gloves. I need new and exciting stock to sell this year.

My little sister is due a baby boy in March so this is what most of my new ideas are based on. So my first one was a teeny weeny baby elephant, even though she is very cute I really wanted to personalise her in some way. I decided I wanted to hand embroid this fabulous year on to ‘Nellie’ but with her being so small I have found this a bit tricky!

I personally love receiving gifts when they are nicely presented and managed to find a small presentation box that Nellie squeezed in to.

My plan now is to make Nellie a little blanket to keep her warm and embroid 2014 on this instead. What do you think?

I think she makes a lovely ‘newborn’ gift and I have decided to make these in an assortment of colours including purple, blue, pink and white.

My next ‘make’ is a baby blanket 🙂

Thanks for reading and any ideas/comments are always welcome.

Hi all, and a big welcome to all my new followers.

So my first craft fair was just over a week ago now, it was very quiet but I managed to meet some lovely people and sell a few items. I have got a few more booked in October and December so I will tell you how it goes.

Now back to Rosa.

It was my little girl’s first birthday this weekend gone and I wanted to buy/make her something special that she could keep. We had already bought her a lovely wooden pink pram for her teddies (she loves teddies) so I decided to make her a little rag doll.

I remember my little sister had an adorable rag doll when she was younger, she was called Stripey (she had stripey tights) and she was knitted. My sister used to have this little limp rag doll hanging from her hand for most of the day, very sweet.

So I set to work, I had less than five days to do prepare a first birthday party, make a cake, make a rag doll and cram all my every day tasks in, pushing it but I managed.

I think the most consuming part of making the rag doll was the hair although to be honest it is well worth the effort. I am also not a the best seamstress but I managed to knock up both the doll and dress using Annaboo’s House fabulous blog!

Here is the end result.



So what do you think? I think she is adorable, my little girl on the other hand is not quite in to dolls, she loves her teddies too much, so Rosa came out of the pram and teddy went in. Hopefully she will grow in to dolls!


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂

I have decided to enter the world of craft fairs even though I find the idea very daunting. What to sell, how to display my items and, most importantly, will I sell anything?!?!?

I love craft fairs and find that everyone seems to have everything just right but I am so nervous I will get it wrong. It’s not until the beginning of August so I have some time to think about it but don’t want to end up spending a fortune making my stall look eye catching and pretty. So if anyone has some cheap and cheerful ideas please, please, please let me in on your secrets.

I have decided to attend a local ‘Makers’ Market’ selling only handmade goods, with the idea that mine will be as good as everyone else’s (fingers crossed).

So far I have decided on hair accessories, key-rings, brooches, stuffed toys, teapot cosies, baby booties and hats, cot mobiles and baby blankets. I thought that the small items would be more appealing to potential customers as I would be able to sell them cheaper plus they do not take long to make. The larger items i.e. blankets and cot mobiles, I was only going to make a few as these are more time consuming and therefore I need to sell them at a higher price. I always think that people don’t tend to take a lot of cash with them to these events, most keeping to a budget.

So here are some of the items I am thinking of selling:





These are going to be part of the cot mobile.

I was also thinking this bird bunting may sell.

So what do you think? Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated. Please visit my Facebook page for photographs of my other items and let me know what you think would sell or what you would buy.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Lately I have been thinking my little girl’s bedroom window has been looking a little bare. It’s a rather large window, decorated with curtains and ‘bits & bobs’ on the windowsill but still bare during the day, I needed something hanging from the top rather than cluttering the windowsill.

Whilst walking my dog I noticed lots of people had ‘hangings’ in their windows, mostly wicker or wooden hearts, bunting or glass baubles. All very pretty but not very exciting for a baby, so I set to work on creating/crocheting a window hanging.

I needed something fun and bright and as it would be ‘floating’ I decided on a red balloon, all kids love balloons!

The balloon seemed a little bit boring all by itself so now I needed a little companion for him. My little girl loves bunnies at the moment so that was an easy option and as I tend to start a lot of projects and never finish them, a mini bunny was the quickest and easiest option. Here he is.

Now just put the two together and we have a very cute window hanging, I am sure my little one will love it (if not at least I do)!

So what do you think?