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I know, I know, I promised to keep this blog up to date but I’ve let myself down again! But here I am back again with lots of new makes 🙂

So the winter months are upon us (here in lovely England) and I have to admit it is my favourite time of year because I can crochet lots of lovely warm goodies.

Today I’m going to start with the super snuggly Bear Hood.

I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while now and finally took the plunge and purchased it from a brilliant pattern writer The Velvet Acorn. It uses super chunky yarn by Lion Brand.

If you are a crochet addict then this pattern is really easy to follow and comes with patterns for a variety I sizes (now all I need to do is make myself one) he he




I hope you love these as much as I do and don’t forget all my products are available to purchase at etsy

I love christenings and my little girl is finally having her special day in July! The only thing is I didn’t realise how expensive it can be!

I have quite a large family so a few sandwiches at home after the christening was out of the question. I needed a venue, the first quote I got was for nearly £1000 for 40 people!!! I thought are these people for real this is a christening we are talking about not a wedding. I did however find a lovely venue in the town nearby for a lot less.

I still needed invitations for all my guests but these were proving to be quite expensive too. I wanted something unique and browsed Etsy and Folksy but nothing really caught my eye and each invitation was working out at least £1.00 per invitation. I needed to cut costs so decided to make my own.

I visited my local Hobbycraft store and picked up 30 6×6 blank cards, 4.5 metres of ribbon and 48 wooden butterflies for just over £16, bargain! I set to work.

Firstly the cards needed printing, my handwriting is ok but I knewI would get bored after the first 10 invites. It took a little while to get the print exactly where we wanted it but eventually got it right and they looked great.

Next I needed my trusty mini glue gun (this has to be one of my favourite purchases) so quick and easy to use. Armed with my glue gun I set to work. One band of ribbon down the left hand side of the card and two pretty butterflies under the title ‘Christening’. To decorate 30 cards it took me approximately 30 minutes.

Here is the finished result.

I would recommend everyone has a go at this, with the simplest of materials and a bit of Internet browsing for ideas, they can be very effective and exactly to your taste. Oh and of course cheap which was the initial plan.

Lately I have been thinking my little girl’s bedroom window has been looking a little bare. It’s a rather large window, decorated with curtains and ‘bits & bobs’ on the windowsill but still bare during the day, I needed something hanging from the top rather than cluttering the windowsill.

Whilst walking my dog I noticed lots of people had ‘hangings’ in their windows, mostly wicker or wooden hearts, bunting or glass baubles. All very pretty but not very exciting for a baby, so I set to work on creating/crocheting a window hanging.

I needed something fun and bright and as it would be ‘floating’ I decided on a red balloon, all kids love balloons!

The balloon seemed a little bit boring all by itself so now I needed a little companion for him. My little girl loves bunnies at the moment so that was an easy option and as I tend to start a lot of projects and never finish them, a mini bunny was the quickest and easiest option. Here he is.

Now just put the two together and we have a very cute window hanging, I am sure my little one will love it (if not at least I do)!

So what do you think?

I have neglected my little blog lately but hopefully I can start juggling being a parent, my job, crocheting and blogging!

Last week I took some unwanted items to my local charity shop and whilst I was there I spotted a big basket full of yarn! There was so much variety but I only had a little change on me so decided to choose carefully. I ended up with two Sunseeker Cotton Fantasie 50g balls for only £1.00 each, bargain!


Now all I needed to decide was what to make? My first idea was some mittens for my little girl but it’s nearly summer and they are a little bit boring. Hmm, what to make? Then I had an idea, my little one loves bunnies at the moment and since I haven’t yet made her a toy and she is 9 months old this was my final decision.

I found a lovely simple pattern (I tend to start a lot of projects and get bored half way through) and started my little mission.

Here are the end results.

Side view:

Rear view:

I think he is very cute and my little girl is very fond of little Flopsy.


I find granny squares the most easiest and productive way of crocheting. I love the fact you can watch tv or even get interrupted (which is quite often at the moment with an 8 month old baby) and it’s so easy to pick up where you left off.

I started making granny squares when I found out I was pregnant and wanted to make a blanket/afghan for my baby. I knew the sex of my baby, a girl, but didn’t want it too ‘pink’ so chose a bright blue, coral pink and pistachio green wool mix.

I used a 5mm hook on this blanket but I am currently making a chunky blanket using a 7mm hook.

I set off on my mission using a basic granny square pattern (see below). It was summer 2012 and I loved sitting in the sun crocheting my little blanket.

I decided to have different types of squares rather than just plain block colours, using a mix thin stripes, thick stripes and block coloured squares.

My blanket is made up of 12 x 8″ squares and I used an off white wool mix yarn as the connecting colour. I find that it brought the bright colours out and made more of a statement.

I adore the following picture, it made me feel like a very proud mummy.

My little one still uses her blanket every day and I feel for cost of 4 skeins of yarn, a granny square blanket is a great investment. Plus you can always add to it as your little one grows!

Great granny square tutorial

Well this is my last week of my maternity leave, can’t believe I have been away from my full time job as a Legal Secretary for 9 months.

Going to miss my little one when I go back next week but at least she will be with family.

I think I am going to find it quite hard to keep up with my crocheting but I am going to keep at it and mainly make things for my baba.

I am very nervous about going back, feel like I will not be ‘up to scratch’ but I am sure my work colleagues will help to ease me back in (well I hope so).

Wish me luck fellow bloggers and thanks for reading.

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