Well I am back. Unfortunately I forgot my login details and then forgot about my little blog but all is well, I have reset my details and can now bombard you with lots of new posts 😉

I have been very busy over the last few months, lots of new ideas and products and a lovely new nephew to spoil.

We will start with the little bundle of joy who arrived at the end of March and came home in his lovely bamboo cotton crochet rainbow blanket courtesy of his aunty (that’s me by the way).



I love this blanket, it is quite weighty but with it being crocheted using super soft bamboo cotton it’s cool for the summer and warm for the winter. By using only the simplest of stitches, single crochet and chain, I think it is quite stunning in these rainbow colours.

I even had enough yarn left to make my nephew a matching toy.

I used King Cole DK Bamboo Cotton as they have the widest variety of bright colours I could find.

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I have recently had a customer request for a toddler cowl, I have made scarfs for children in the past but never a cowl and never for such a young person (approx 18 months). I wasn’t too sure that I was 100% happy about making something to wrap around a child’s neck without any sort of fastening or opening for safety reasons but eventually came up with this idea… a scarf which transforms in to a cowl with the fastening of buttons!

I set to work using my usual crochet scarf pattern (a row of sc follow by a row of v-stitch) using a 6mm hook and chunky acrylic yarn in the same dusky pink as the customer’s previous orders, an owl hat and mittens.

I found that the v-stitch made ideal, loose, button holes so I didn’t even have to figure out how and where to put button holes (always a bonus) and stitched three very cute teddy bear printed buttons to one end of the scarf. The scarf therefore turns in to a cowl so easily and there is no ‘hassle’ getting the scarf on and off.

This scarf/cowl has ended up being a one off piece as the buttons I bought were from a craft fair and I can’t find them anywhere else, so there will be no exact replicas, which is always good.

So here’s the end result:




I love it so much I have decided to make one for my little girl 🙂

With my new little nephew due in less than two months time I needed to get cracking on the blanket that I had promised my sister.

I had previously made two blankets, one for my daughter and one for something to do, but these were ideal for winter months as I used acrylic and wool blend yarn. I needed something light and airy as this little boy is going to be a spring/summer baby. So I set to work with researching and browsing the internet for what yarn would be ideal.

My two previous blankets had been using dk and chunky yarn and I decided to opt with the dk again as I found this easier and lighter. With the summer bringing heat (hopefully) I thought cotton would be ideal, breathable and lots of stitch definition, but I find 100% cotton to be quite stiff and not really what I wanted for a baby blanket. Then this little beauty crossed my path… King Cole Bamboo Cotton. I am a little bit in love!

It is so soft, light and available in a variety of colours, especially for a baby. My sister wanted a colourful striped blanket so I went for a ‘rainbow’ theme using red, yellow, green and peacock. I also chose white to finish my blanket off with.


I purchased my King Cole Bamboo Cotton from Minerva Crafts as I found them to be reasonably priced, stock a full range of colours and FREE delivery with orders over £25 (always a bonus). Delivery was also super fast.

Here’s a little peek at my (nearly finished) blanket.


I think bamboo cotton is definitely the way forward for me and I still have some left it’s just deciding what to make with it (answers on a postcard)!

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Happy New Year!

A new year and lots of new ideas. Christmas is over and although it is still winter I think most people now have a large stock of hats, scarves and gloves. I need new and exciting stock to sell this year.

My little sister is due a baby boy in March so this is what most of my new ideas are based on. So my first one was a teeny weeny baby elephant, even though she is very cute I really wanted to personalise her in some way. I decided I wanted to hand embroid this fabulous year on to ‘Nellie’ but with her being so small I have found this a bit tricky!

I personally love receiving gifts when they are nicely presented and managed to find a small presentation box that Nellie squeezed in to.

My plan now is to make Nellie a little blanket to keep her warm and embroid 2014 on this instead. What do you think?

I think she makes a lovely ‘newborn’ gift and I have decided to make these in an assortment of colours including purple, blue, pink and white.

My next ‘make’ is a baby blanket 🙂

Thanks for reading and any ideas/comments are always welcome.

Earlier this week it was Remembrance Day here in the UK and I thought I would contribute by crocheting little poppy pins.

I have wanted to make items for charity for a long time but could only think of baby blankets or hats which I have never got round to doing. This year I saw how many different types of poppy pins people were wearing and thought these would be a quick and easy way to raise some money.

So here is my contribution…



Over £50.00 was raised for The Royal British Legion and I only started making them the week before Remembrance Sunday. I think next year I will start a little earlier and see if we can hit the £100.00 mark (or more). I didn’t realise how popular they would be and it feels so nice that people are wearing them with pride.

I am adding a bit to this blog as I noticed someone has reblogged it with their version of the pattern so here is the pattern if you crochet:

Ch 3
11 dc
2ch, 2tr into first dc then 2tr in each of next 3 dc. On the last one add 2ch and ss to the same stitch.
Ss to the next stitch and repeat above twice.
Fasten off

Sew a black button to the middle and add a pin. Ta da!!!

Thank you for reading this blog and a big thanks to everyone who purchased a poppy.

So it has been months since I have wrote anything but I am back and the absence has been for a good reason, business is good.

Since getting my hands in to craft fairs I seem to have orders coming from here, there, well everywhere. I have been updating my Etsy and Folksy shop and have 101 new crochet ideas going through my head more or less 24/7 but I am keeping on top of it together with my 14 month old daughter and part time job, boy life is busy at the moment!

Anyway enough rambling I just thought I would post a few pics of my new items, see what you think. I am attending a Christmas Fair this coming Sunday so any feedback on my items would be much appreciated (need to decide what to take with me).






I have also made lots of Christmas items but have yet to take photos but will keep you updated and won’t leave it as long next time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂

One of my friend’s daughter posted me on Facebook a picture of a crochet hat of a little yellow man with goggles on asking ‘can you make me one of these please?’.

I had no idea who this little fella was (my daughter is only 1 and not yet in to films) but soon found out through Google that it was a very cute minion from the film Despicable Me 2.

I set to work with my yellow, blue and black Aran yarn and scraps of white and brown DK yarn.

I made the hat using my basic hat with eat flaps pattern, changing the colour a third of the way down from yellow to black for the goggles strap. I used a basic circle pattern for the eyes starting with black, then dark brown, then white and finishing with grey with a front loop only single crochet in the last round creating a 3D effect of the goggles.

These little minions tend to wear blue dungarees but as I was only making the head I finished it off by single crocheting a blue edging and blue ear flap ties.

The finishing touches were a black mouth sewn on using black Aran yarn and his little tufts of hair using the same yarn and simply knotting on top of his head.

Here is the result.


I think he is very cute, might have to make one for my little one, gives me an excuse to watch the film with her 😉

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